All kitchen goods are treated with our wood butter - a foodsafe blend of beeswax and mineral oil. Each item will need re-treating over time with a food safe conditioner to keep them looking their best. We offer jars of our handmade wood butter in the shop which both moisturizes and seals, but you could also just grab some mineral oil from the drugstore or butcher block oil from the hardware store. Vegetable-based oils like olive and coconut are not recommended as they can go rancid. 

Don't put your handmade wooden kitchen goods in the dishwasher or leave them to soak. Just wipe them clean with a damp soapy sponge, rinse, and towel dry. Reoil every couple weeks or as needed. If you goof up and leave your board or utensils soaking in the sink, they'll likely end up looking a little dull and fuzzy when they dry. BUT, if this happens, don't worry! Grab some fine grit sandpaper (like 220 or higher), and give em a light sand and reoil. They'll be smooth and shiny again in no time.