Anvil Goods is the husband and wife team of Megan & William Campbell.  With a background in house framing, graphic design, and cabinetry work, William moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2009 to design and build the interior of Bartertown Diner, a collective farm-to-table restaurant, putting his creativity to the test in order to stay within the Bartertown team's shoestring budget.  In the following years, Will continued to refine his style and build his skills, taking commissions from local folks for a wide array of projects: furniture, light fixtures, countertops, camper interiors, even a kids' play fort (for which he worked closely with an 8 year old designer to get the whimsical aesthetic just right).  In 2013, Megan joined in, first getting the books in order and handling client relations, and it wasn't long before she was in the shop alongside Will, learning the ropes.  Megan now heads up the home goods line, lends her eye for details to the finishing work of each piece that comes through the shop, and continues to handle all things business.

Our style is influenced in part by midcentury modern and contemporary Scandinavian design, and the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.  We also draw inspiration from the Michigan landscape, the seasons, and the hardy, utilitarian spirit of the Midwest.  Will has an eye for the classic and timeless and a mind for the creative and whimsical.  Megan is a fan of clean, minimalist shapes and a sucker for gorgeous grain.  Together we strike a balance of simplicity and creativity.  

We source our lumber from a few small local operations, all of which work responsibly, most often cutting trees that must be removed for structural or safety reasons. We only work in domestic varieties - walnut, maple, oak, cherry, ash - eliminating the need for fuel-thirsty shipping methods. We use LEED-certified, ultra-low VOC finishes, also manufactured by a small business.